About Ron

Ron Baggerman is a singer, bass- ,guitar- ,keyboard- and tap-guitarist(Ziggy, Kelstone & Bo~EL) -player/teacher composer and recording artist.

Ron playing in pianobar Swing in Gouda

Starting on the Chapman Stick around 1980, Ron was one of the pioneering players & Emmett Chapman called him one of the best Stickists in the world. Ron stopped playing Stick in favor of other tap-basses/guitars like the Ziggy 12-string, Kelstone 9-string & Bo~EL 7-string. Ron also represents these 3 instruments for the 3-companies , which produces them. That is Music-Marketing from Worms/Germany for the Ziggy, Kelstone from Belgium for the Kelstone & Bo~EL for Bo~El of Huub Boel from Holland. If you’re interested in buying one of the instruments: get in touch with Ron.

Ron has taught and performed on Seminars, Congresses, Festivals & Fairs all over the globe f.e. in Holland, Germany , England, France, Monaco, Italy , Belgium , USA and Canada.